HOPPER RACE Chapter6-10

  • 2012/42min (8〜9min x 5 chapter)/PAL
  • Director: Juka Kawaai
  • Producer: Shukichi Koizumi/Kenichi Mizuno
  • Produced by TVE Japan

In recent years, the infestation of rice planthoppers has seriously damaged millions of hectares of rice paddies in Asian rice producing countries, leading to the loss of several million tons of rice every year. The countries hardest hit include Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam but the infestation has spread to other countries as well. So what makes these rice planthoppers “pests”? This educational television program walks the paddies with scientists who are trying to restore biological control to the rice ecosystem by increasing bio- and genetic diversity.  Rice planthoppers (hoppers for short) will be the guide on our journey in search of sustainable solutions. What are the hoppers telling us? What can we learn from past mistakes and how can we avoid repeating them? This film was produced as an educational tool to learn the concept of biodiversity in agriculture and the importance of genetic diversity in crops. The film consists with 10 chapters that are 8 to 9 minutes each in duration. Chapters can be selected for use in training or part of the class room activities in environmental education.

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