What VRC does

Among the many audio-visual activities that VRCs engage in are: Making local language versions of international environment films -- to make them more accessible to local audiences. Adapting international films in other suitable ways (e.g. adding locally produced introductions or endings, known as 'topping and tailing'). Producing their own films on a wide range of environment, development and social justice issues. Marketing and promoting these films to television broadcasters, arranging regular broadcasts that reach millions of people. Marketing and distributing films to non-broadcast users such as schools, NGOs, industry, government agencies and universities. Producing print materials that promote film distribution: film catalogues, leaflets, periodical publications, etc. Using the internet to augment their television and video outreach: maintaining web sites, online film catalogues, electronic commerce activities. Organizing public events that use film screenings as a main element (seminars, conferences, workshops, film festivals). Engaging in media research, documentation and analysis.

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