Title Production / Client Duration Language
HOPPER RACE chapter 1-5 TVE Japan 38 min English
HOPPER RACE chapter 6-10 TVE Japan 40 min English
Japan’s Pollution Experience series (7 episodes)
  1. Japan's Lesson on the Economy and the Environment --Our pollution Experience (1994)
  2. The Battle against Air Pollution (1999)
  3. Japan's Experience with Automobile(2000)
  4. Stop Fluorocarbons (2004)
  5. Light and Shadow or Pesticides (2007)
  6. Bringing Water Back to Life (2008)
  7. Island of Waste(2009)
TVE Japan 30 min Japanese/ English/ other Asian languages available
Toward Sustainable Development(2007) TVE Japan / Department of the Environment 40 min Japanese/English/Chinese
  • Suikinkutsu
  • Kazusabori Boring
  • Oyster Forest
  • Micro Hydropower
  • Nanohana Project
TVE Japan 5 min each Japanese/ English
Supporter of NGOs(2007) TVE Japan / The Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency 20min Japanese/English
Greenbelt: Natural wall to protect coast from disasters TVE Japan・TVE Asia Pacific 30min Japanese
My Ozone Wish (2008) TVE Japan / UNEP Regional Office in Asia Pacific 30secx 4 English
Zero Emission’s Challenge: An Initiative by Japanese Industry TVE Japan 28 min English
Broadcasting for Change Series
  • Part1: From Rhetoric to Reality (13 VHS series)
  • Part2: Reel to Real (7 VHS series)
Broadcasting for Change Network・TVE Japan 30min each Japanese/English
Earth Report Japanese version (13 VHS series) TVE (London)・TVE Japan 25min Japanese
Last Plant Stand (1998) TVE・NHK 45min X2
Can polar bear treat water? : Japanese version TVE・TVE Japan 52min Japanese/English
Tale of the Three Lost Jewels(1994), Japanese version TVE Japan・TVE・Palestine 50・107 Japanese
Shizue Kato, The Story of a Century (1997) TVE Japan・TVE 50min Japanese/English
Half the Sky (1995) Japanese version China / NHK Satellite channel 50 min Japanese/English
Rising Above-Women of Vietnam, Japanese version Vietnam/NHK Satellite Channel 50 min Japanese
Hanan Ashrawi A Woman of Her Time, Japanese version Palestine/ NHK Satellite Channel 50 min Japanese
Lucia- Developing Stories I(1992), Japanese version Philippines・TVE 90min Japanese/English
Choice of a 35 years old woman: To give a birth or not? TVE Japan/ NHK Sunday BS Special 50 Japanese
Shizue Kato: a will of a woman of 20th century TVE Japan/NHK Sunday BS Special 50*3 Japanese
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